Gravity Bridge Joins Commonwealth’s Governance Platform

Gravity Bridge Joins Commonwealth’s Governance Platform

The Commonwealth team is excited to announce a new partnership with Althea, whose new project, Gravity Bridge, will use Commonwealth’s all-in-one governance platform to discuss, vote on, and fund their initiatives. Althea’s Gravity Bridge forum was one of the first on-chain Cosmos on Commonwealth and we are excited to see how the community uses the new functionality.

Gravity Bridge: Connecting Ethereum and Cosmos

Gravity is a bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos-based chains. Gravity enables the transfer of tokens from Ethereum to Cosmos and back again by locking up tokens on the Ethereum side, and minting equivalent tokens on the Cosmos side. Unlike the majority of bridges, Gravity is completely non-custodial meaning you only need to trust in the security of the Cosmos chain, not some third party bridge administrators who could potentially take your funds.

To learn more about Gravity Bridge, visit their website or check them out on Twitter and Discord.

Commonwealth: The All-In-One Solution for Gravity Bridge’s Governance

Commonwealth is the crypto native community and governance tool used by many of the top DeFi projects to discuss, vote on, and fund their initiatives. Commonwealth helps break down silos between communications platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Discourse by providing support for the entire governance process. This means decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more happens all on Commonwealth.

By Gravity Bridge launching with Commonwealth, the organization’s decentralized community operations are best in class from day one. Their governance process is seamless: everything from discussions to crowdfunding to executing proposals can happen in one place. They have more functionality with a streamlined process.

Gravity Bridge’s unique features on Commonwealth include:

  • Crypto-Native Token Forum: The Gravity Bridge platform on Commonwealth comes with full forum capabilities, including threaded discussions, upvotes, user profiles, and more.
  • On-chain Governance: The Gravity community will be able to discuss, vote, and execute on governance proposals all on-chain through the new Commonwealth forum with complete transparency.

Participate in Gravity Bridge’s New Commonwealth Forum

The Commonwealth forum is live and actively used by the Gravity Bridge community. Users are encouraged to participate in the ongoing discussions on their new platform.

The live forum can be found at